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TERMS is a serial audio drama set in a world far too parallel to our own. The American political system is strained to breaking by intractable political impasse and the growing divide among parties. Checks and balances that should buttress our liberties are failing, and the very meaning and purpose of government is called into question. All politics, it seems, is personal.


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  • So well done. Gripping, educational (yes), short, and now, what has President Pierce done? Classic radio 2.0.

    Jane Wells, CNBC Special Correspondent
  • Terms is on par, and in many ways better, than any of your favorite current prime time television dramas.

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  • This podcast is likely to be seen as the benchmark by which every similar production will be judged.

    iTunes review
  • I binge listened to the whole thing in one day. I was hooked after one episode. Sounds great, well edited, super satisfying.

    iTunes review
  • Straight out of the national news without being partisan, I recommend this highly as an entertaining political thriller.

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  • Like Scandal and the 2016 elections had a love child. With edge, drama and deception, fun to listen to with great action and plot.

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  • Oliver PiercePresident of the United States
  • Gwendolyn PierceFirst Lady
  • Ron ClarksonPolitical operative
  • Charles DunwalkePresident Elect
  • James McCallisterSenator (R KY)
  • Victor GarzaVice President
  • Christina GarzaWife of the Vice President
  • Daniel SchwartzJournalist for Pace Media
  • Anna ShawGovernor (D PA)
  • Max SchillerSenator (D NY)
  • Olivia DavisElector (R TX)
  • Zach MacNamaraSecret Service agent
  • Evelyn TaylorChief of Staff
  • Richard ValdezAssistant US Attorney
  • James FranksFBI agent
  • Davis FryeTelevision host
  • Rebecca MontgomeryTelevision host
  • Victoria PaceCEO of Pace Media
  • Lexi SchillerDocumentarian
  • Mike PrescottPundit
  • Patrick WilsonPundit
  • Mitch PrescottField reporter

Cast and Crew

  • Lindsay GrahamCreator and Executive Producer
  • Robert McCollumWriter, Director and Producer
  • Michael FedericoWriter and Producer
  • R Bruce ElliottSenator James McCallister
  • Michael FedericoDaniel Schwartz
  • Ian FergusonAgent James Franks
  • Joel FerrelMike Prescott
  • Valerie Hauss-SmithVictoria Pace
  • Dari HayesSenator Quinton Dale
  • Whitney HolotikRebecca Montgomery
  • Michael JohnsonSeries Announcer
  • Constance JonesOlivia Davis
  • Ellen LocyEvelyn Taylor
  • Greg LushColonel Simon Hosek
  • Lydia MackayGwendolyn Pierce
  • Marcus MauldinGeneral Bradford
  • Kristin McCollumSenator Margaret Caraway
  • Robert McCollumRon Clarkson
  • Barry NashJohn in the Bar
  • Trina NishimuraMartha the Waitress
  • Maryam Obaidullah BaigTRS Operator
  • Mark OristanoSenator Max Schiller
  • Brandon PotterCharles Dunwlake
  • Tony RamirezVice President Victor Garza
  • Dennis RaveneauSenator Jeremiah Lewis
  • Philip RayRichard Valdez
  • Aaron RobertsSecret Service Agent Zach
  • Mark SchectmanMitch Prescott
  • Jeffrey SchmidtPresident Oliver Pierce
  • Ian SinclairStore Clerk
  • Jeanie TiradoLexi Schiller
  • Sally VahleGovernor Anna Shaw
  • Christie VelaChristina Garza
  • Drew WallBrigadier General Doub
  • Kent WilliamsDavis Frye
  • Omar YeefoonPatrick Wilson

Music by Lindsay Graham


Season One

Episode 1: Election Night

As a most unexpected election night unfolds, president Oliver Pierce brings some into the loop and cuts others out as he ponders his next move. Will he ride into the sunset or make the most momentous decision of his career?

Episode 2: The Cage

While America watches the first public interview with president-elect Dunwalke since election night, sitting president Pierce begins a more private conversation. As one man lays out his vision for the country, another enlists his oldest friend in a desperate attempt to save it.

Episode 3: Opening Gambit

Monumental undertakings begin with just a few, subtle steps. President Pierce moves his pawns into place while trying to protect his queen.

Episode 4: Goddamn Rockford

Pace Media reporter Daniel Schwartz isn’t the least bit excited to be in Illinois acting as Victoria’s hammer. Trying to see what he can shake loose about a cover-up proves frustrating. But at least there’s lunch.

Episode 5: Upstate

Ron freezes in Upstate New York while recruiting a new co-conspirator. Back in DC, the vice president gets the cold shoulder.

Episode 6: Smart People

Several key players contemplate who could be behind recent events. Some are getting close, others are getting scared, and a few are looking to get even.

Episode 7: Going South

As hope of eliminating the Electoral College dwindles, Ron heads to Austin to begin the next phase of the plan. But he’s not the only one still working to put the pieces together.

Episode 8: Faust

In life, there are choices.

Episode 9: Transition

What happens when the man you’ve been working to destroy comes by your office for a chat?

Episode 10: This Is Insane

When all other efforts prove fruitless, the president sets in motion one last Hail Mary attempt to stop Dunwalke’s march to the White House.

Episode 11: The Dirty Trick

With the Inauguration just days away, president Pierce must convince a new player to take the riskiest move in the game.

Episode 12: Inauguration Day

Charles Dunwalke is placing his hand on the Bible…

Episode 13: Preamble

We hold these truths to be self evident.

Season Two

Coming later this year.




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