TERMS New Website Launched!

We launched the new today. On it you’ll find links to episodes, transcripts, cast lists, news and more.

Perhaps more important to the series is the Support section: we’ve begun a monthly Patreon campaign, accept one-time donations through PayPal, and soon will have a Kickstarter for Season Two.

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D Magazine Writes About TERMS

How a Dallas Podcast Mirrored the Rise of Donald Trump

“Terms” is the fictional story of a loudmouthed, divisive president-elect and the president determined to stop him.

Earlier this year, inside an office in Lakewood, a small start-up team predicted the future. Not with the mystical kitsch of crystal balls or tarot card semiotics, but by a weaving tale of political intrigue featuring a far-right politician who rises from out-of-nowhere, tapping into the incubated fear and anxiety of the country’s population. The candidate represents, to some, including the sitting president (a well-liked and charismatic leader at the end of his second term), the worst possible threat to democracy, decency, and the future of the republic.

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The Huffington Post Reviews TERMS

Soundcast Review: Terms

The story goes that Terms creator Lindsay Graham has had the plot for his new Spoke Media soundcast bubbling in his brain dating back to the Clinton administration: An unexpected and controversial candidate defies the odds in a run for the US presidency and wins, threatening to upset the legacy left by the outgoing two-term Commander-in-Chief. If that’s the case, then life is in the midst of imitating art, at least in the setup for this new, intriguing and well-produced narrative.

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TERMS is Untold Media’s ‘Podcast of the Week’

Podcast of the Week: Terms

Judging by our recent picks for Podcast of the Week, we at Tales Untold Media are clearly still working through our new post-election reality. Fortunately, the folks at Wondery have created some riveting post-election fiction for us to focus on.

The show’s frighteningly-not-too-far-fetched storyline picks up on election night, when a populist and uninformed candidate with unclear motives and demagogic tendencies wins the Presidential election (while losing the popular vote). But rather than doing what he can to support and prepare the President-elect, the now lame duck President sets in motion a secret plan to undermine it all.

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The Dallas Morning News Writes About TERMS

‘Terms’ is a new Dallas-based fiction podcast about a Trump-like president-elect who must be stopped

A popular president, closing out his second term, will soon leave office. The president-elect is a loud-mouthed demagogue, a Republican, who loses the popular vote but wins the Electoral College. He has a problem observing boundaries.

You may find it hard to believe, but this is the plot of a new Dallas-based audio drama that began to take shape long before Donald J. Trump admitted he even wanted to be president.

So, yes, the timing is eerie but purely coincidental and maybe even outrageously lucky.

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